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The Name Pautnouphis, whence probably derived. The
Ibis sacred also to him as to Thoth
Caduceus of Mercury. The Forty-two Books of Hermes
Clemens's Account of the principal Books of Hermes. Ao
or Io probably not the Moon, Ioh. His Dress

Porphyry's Description of "Kneph." Champollion supposed

the God Ao to be Hercules. Characters and Names of

the Egyptian Hercules. Abstract Idea of Strength, also

the Force of the Sun

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Infant Deities like Harpocrates and Ehôou
T-SON-T-NOFRE, and an Unknown Deity. ATMOO. His
Name. Supposed to be Heron or Hero
His Boat. His Dress. NOFRE-ATMOO.

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It is worthy of remark that the Chinese also style themselves the "
pure nation."


The Heaven feminine, not masculine. NILUS, or Hapi
Môou. The Name Hapi, Apis

Office of Nilus. His Form, a fat Man of a blue Colour.
Nil, blue
White and Blue or rather Black River. Nilus at Silsilis.


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The Name Tentyris related to Athor. KAHI, “the Land.”
Not Mother Earth, but merely the Land or Soil

RANNO? The Nurse of Princes. With an Asp's Head

Another Asp-headed Goddess. BAI? or Totbai? A

Snake. Нон or Hih, also a Snake-headed Goddess.


Her probable Claims to this Name. The Deity of a Month

was Thoth. AMUNTA or Tamun. Not Amenti nor

Ement. Second Member of the Second Theban Triad

NEB? Her Form. EHE," the Cow." Her Character and


Ehe the Origin of Io (vide note †). Io was the Moon
among the Argives. H&r, the HOURS of Day and
Night. Part of the Divine Essence

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The Intestines of the Dead dedicated to these Four Genii.
What Part to each. (Vide infrà, p. 467.) Their Names 71

The Four Vases bearing their respective Heads. Leaden

Plate with the Eye placed over the Incision in the Side

of the Mummy. (Vide infrà, p. 469.) The Goddess Selk 73

Amunti the Receiver and Giver. A temporary Abode.

Return to Earth after 3000 Years. Amenti and Ement
the West. Erebus and Ereb, or Gharb of the Hebrews.
Temples not turned to the West

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Uncertain Deities. TOSES? HOн? Another God
SмOT? perhaps a Form of Thoth. Ao? a Bull-headed
Deity. SPOT? and a Goddess nursing a Child

A Character of Isis, the Defender ?— One of the Forms

of Hercules? NEHIMEOU?

Her peculiar Head Dress. MELSIGOR or MERSOKAR as
a winged Asp, opposed to Eilethyia


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MERTE OF MILT? Her Office, and Form. Not Marés.
An uncertain Goddess, perhaps Phut?

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A Snake-headed God. A Character of Osiris? A Form
of Amun-re? RETO or RITHO, a Goddess of the Second
Member of the Triad of Hermonthis

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RANPO the God of War. His former Character answer-
ing probably to Mars
Goddess of War. A Deity from Wady Gasoos, a Form
of Sothis? MAK? Leontocephalus

Deities with Lions' Heads or with Lions in their Legends.
A Lion-headed Goddess RITA or ERTA? The Goddess
of the Sacred Eye

TOTOUON? from Samneh. NEBOо a Form of Neith. An
unknown God, and Two Forms of the youthful Deity
Ebôon. Hippopotamus-headed God



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