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exactness, and on the morning of the 10th inst. having received Miss Lalor's confession by signs, and disposed her for receiving the Holy Communion, I read to her again from your Lordship's letter the direction of the Prince; namely, that she would excite within her a sincere repentance, a firm resolution of obeying God's commands, a lively faith, and unbounded confidence in his mercy, an entire conformity to his holy will, and a disinterested love of him.

"I had previously requested the Clergy of this district to offer up for Miss Lalor, the holy sacrifice of the Mass, at twelve minutes before eight o'clock in the morning of the 10th, keeping the matter a secret from most others, as you had recommended; however, as it transpired somewhat, a considerable number collected in the Chapel, when my two Coadjutors, with myself, began Mass at the hour appointed.-I offered the holy Sacrifice in the name of the Church. I besought the Lord to overlook my own unworthiness, and regard only JESUS CHRIST, the great High Priest and victim, who offers himself in the Mass to his ETERNAL FATHER, for the living and the dead. I implored the prayers of the Mother of God, of all the Angels and Saints, and particularly of St. John Nepomucene; I administered the Sacrament to the young Lady, at the usual time, when instantly she heard, as it were, a voice distinctly saying to her, Mary, you are well," when she exclaimed, O Lord, am J?' and, overwhelmed with devotion, fell prostrate on her face. She continued in this posture for a considerable time, whilst I hastened to conclude the Mase; but was interrupted in

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my thanksgiving immediately after, by the mother of the child, pressing her to speak.

"When at length she was satisfied in pouring out her soul to the Lord, she took her mother by the hand, and said to her, Dear Mother,' upon which Mrs. Lalor called the Clerk, and sent for me, as I had retired to avoid the interruption, and on coming to where the young Lady was, I found her speaking in an agreeable, clear and distinct voice, such as neither she nor her mother could recognize as her own.

Thus, my Lord, in obedience to your commands, I have given you a simple statement of facts, without adding to, or distorting what I have seen and heard; the truth of which, their very notoriety places beyond all doubt, and which numberless witnesses, as well as myself, could attest by the most solemn appeal to Heaven. I cannot forbear remarking to your Lordship, how our LORD confirms now the doctrine of his Church, and his own presence upon our altars, by the same miracles, to which he referred the disciples of John, saying, Go tell John, the Dumb speak,' &c. as a proof, that he was the Son of God, who came to save the world. "I remain your Lordship's dutiful and affectionate Servant in CHRIST,


"To the Right Rev. Dr. Doyle,

Old Derrig, Carlow."

The Twenty-fifth Sermon will be-LOVE


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"Thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my Church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

Matt. c. 16, v. 18.





(A Sermon, Price 5d. Published every Fortnight.)

N. BI health obliging me to a temporary resi dence in the South of France, I hereby authorise my Printer. Mr. Byrn. 26, Abbey-street, to receive, during my absence, all arrears, and to sell, for ready money only the Sermons, bound or unbound, of these Two Volumes.

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LOVE OF OUR Neighbour.

This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you." St. John, c. xv, v. 12.

THE precept of fraternal Charity, my dear Christians, claims the serious attention of every adopted child of Jesus Christ The strict obligation we are all under, of loving our neighbour as ourselves, should, with all its various duties, be ever present to the eyes of our souls. A precept, an obligation, inculcated, in a thousand different ways, by our Divine Redeemer; who, to render his followers fully sensible of the importance, and to induce them in the most effectual manner to the practice, of this most essential duty, has spared neither the most pressing invitations, nor the severest menaces. Parables of every, and the most striking description, hath he introduced into bis divine discourses, with the view to place its observance more clearly before our eyes. In terms as strong as language can furnish, doth he point out the infinite advantage of a charitable disposition towards our brethren; declaring, that in the love of our neighbour, founded as it necessarily must be, on the love of our God, "the whole law and prophets are fulfilled" proposing, in

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