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3. This Board shall facilitate the erection thereon within ten years of an Astronomical Observatory, according to plans which shall be approved by the City Architect and the Commissioner of Parks.

4. Should the land and buildings cease to be occupied by the Royal Astronomical Society and the University of Toronto, for the purposes herein specified, the same, together with all improvements, shall thereupon revert to, and become the property of the City, without any cost or charge, and may be used by it for such purposes as may then be determined.

5. The City shall maintain the park, and also any portion of the site allotted to the Observatory, which is not in actual use for the purposes of the observatory, the citizens being allowed the use of this unoccupied portion on the same conditions as obtain for the rest of the park.

6. No fence shall be erected upon the property, and no physical change shall be made thereto without first having obtained the consent of the City.

7. The University shall maintain the observatory. The Government of it shall be vested in a Board of Management, consisting of seven members. The Professor of Astronomy in the University shall be ex officio the Chairman of this Board, and three members shall be nominated annually by the Board of Governors of the University, two by the Council of the Astronomical Society, and one by the City.

8. The citizens shall be admitted to the observatory on conditions to be approved from time to time by the Board of Management.

9. The Royal Astronomical Society shall be provided with accommodation for its library, and for the storage of its instruments in the building.

10. The Society shall maintain the library, and shall allow the citizens to use it on conditions similar to those of the Toronto Public Library.

11. The Society shall have accommodation for its regular and general meetings, and on other occasions, as approved by the Board of Management.

The site is situated on the east side of Bathurst St., about half a mile north of St. Clair Avenue, and at present is not within the City limits. The entire property contains ten acres and it is well suited to the purpose in view. Now that the site is assured the Committee is endeavouring to discover some person or persons of means who will erect the building. As the one who does this will confer a peculiar favour upon the community and, at the same time, secure an honourable fame for himself through the discoveries which will be made at the observatory, it is confidently believed that the required funds will be forthcoming.


Dr. Otto Klotz, Director of the Dominion Observatory, Ottawa, has been appointed the representative of Canada on the "Committee on Magnetic Surveys, Charts and Secular Variation" of the International Geodetic and Geophysical Union, recently formed at Brussels.


Most of the illustrations in this issue are from blocks generously loaned by Popular Astronomy, the Astrophysical Journal and the Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, to whom our thanks are given. We learn with regret, though not with surprise, that the first-named magazine finds it necessary to increase its subscription price. We hope this will not cause any to cease taking this admirable periodical. As for "our" JOURNAL, we could not publish it were it not for grants received for the purpose, and even with this assistance the increased cost of publishing has made it difficult to print the material available. A doubling of our membership would relieve the stringency.

C. A. C.

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