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nature of the proposal and stated that Toronto was far behind many other cities in its facilities for astronomical observation and that the institution which it was hoped would be established would be of great value to the citizens as well as a special attraction for our city. The present writer then explained the project in some detail (largely as outlined in this note) and Mr. A. R. Hassard gave some personal experiences regarding a suitable site for observing. The deputation met with a favourable reception, and the plans outlined by it were highly commended by the city press.

By request of the Board of Control a committee comprising representatives from the Society and the University, met the heads of various departments of the city, interested in the site asked for, on July 9th, and drew up a brief outline of provisions for an agreement between the city, the University and the Society, and further progress is expected to be made during the summer or autumn.

I have no hesitation in saying that this is a unique opportunity for doing a great service to the entire community. The person of means who will supply this great need will confer peculiar benefit upon the University, the Astronomical Society, the teachers, their pupils, and especially the citizens generally; and at the same time he may bring lasting honour to his own name, or to that of one who may have died for his country, or possibly to that of one who was spared to return to his native land again.

C. A. C.

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