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Sacrifice of CHRIST


Operations of the SPIRIT


With a free Debate about the Importance of
thofe Doctrines, represented in a friendly
Converfation between Perfons of diffe--
rent Sentiments.


1 Pet. i. 2. Elect according to the Foreknowledge of
God the Father, thro' Sanctification of the Spirit
unto Obedience, and sprinkling of the Blood of Jefus


Printed for J. Os WALD, at the Rofe and Crown in the
Poultry, near Stocks-Market, M.DCC.XXXVII.

[blocks in formation]



HE Author of thefe Papers has been often grieved to fee fuch. a new fort of Christianity published and propagated in the World, as leaves out the propitiatory Sacrifice of our bleffed Saviour, and the fanctifying Operations of the Holy Spirit, which in his Efteem are two of the chief Glories of the Gospel. He humbly bopes it was a fincere Zeal for thofe momentous Truths that fet his Pen at work, and a juft Senfe of the Influence which thefe Truths have upon almost all that Piety and Virtue which can be called Chriftian He leaves it to more learned Writers to manage this Controverfy in a Way of Strict A 2 and

and regular Difpute. He bath chofen this manner of publishing his Sentiments, with Some hope that they may be better accepted by those who ftand in moft need of them, and particularly by the polite Readers of the Age, who feek fomething to entertain, as well as to inftruct and profit. If there are any fudden Starts of Thought found here out of Place, any abrupt Sentences or Paragraphs without that logical Method or exact Connexion, which would be expected in a fet Difcourfe; let it be remember'd that this Book is but a fort of Converfation-piece among a few private Friends, who pretend not to Theological Accuracies.

As to the Names introduced in this Converfation, they are not defigned to reprefent any particular Perfon living: But if any of my Readers fhould find their own Principles and their Character described under the Sentiments of Agrippa or Cavenor, the Author intreats them to believe that they are the Perfons for whofe fake be took this Pains, and he begs the Favour of them to read without Prejudice or Partiality, and with a Temper of Mind fuited to the Weight and Dignity of the Sub


ject, and that they would make Scripture their only fudge of Truth and Error in this Debate. And may the good Spirit of God render this little Difcourfe useful to put fome ftop to the Growth of thefe dangerous Opinions, to recover thofe who are fallen into Error, and to establish others who are wavering in fuch important Points of the Chriftian Faith.

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