Notes on Northern Africa, the Sahara and Soudan: In Relation to the Ethnography, Languages, History, Political and Social Condition, of the Nations of Those Countries

Wiley and Putnam, 1844 - 107 pages
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Page 52 - Bello should be induced to abolish slav ery, the most efficient means will have been discovered for its entire suppression. The example of so great an empire, or the menace of its chief, would effectually check the inhuman cupidity or barbarism of the lesser tribes of the coast. Such an event would cause a great revolution in the commerce...
Page 55 - On another occasion, he assured Clapperton that he was able to put an effectual stop to the Slave Trade; and expressed, with much earnestness of manner, his anxiety to enter into permanent relations of trade and friendship with England. At the close of Clapperton's visit, Bello gave him a letter to the king of England to the same purport as the conversation which had taken place between them. These offers on the part of the Sultan of the Felatahs must be held to be of great importance. He is the...
Page 48 - ... 500 miles. They extend from the Atlantic Ocean, from the mouth of the Senegal and Senegambia on the west, to the kingdoms of...
Page 49 - The Foulahs, are not negroes. They differ essentially from the negro race in all the characteristics which are marked by physical anthropology. They may be said to occupy the intermediate space betwixt the Arab and the negro.
Page 68 - Tom, whose African name was Sali-bul-Ali, was purchased about the year 1800, by my father, from the Bahama islands, to which he had been brought from Anamaboo. His industry, intelligence, and honesty, soon brought him into notice, and he was successively advanced, until he was made head driver of this plantation, in 1816. He has continued in that station ever since, having under him...
Page 52 - Wherever the Foulah has wandered, the Pagan idolatry of the negro has been overthrown ; the barbarous Fetish and greegree have been abandoned ; anthropophagy and cannibalism have been suppressed. Thus the Foulahs are now exercising a powerful influence upon the moral and social condition of Central Africa. I do not doubt that they are destined to be the great instrument in the future civilization of Africa, and the consequent suppression of the external Atlantic slave trade.
Page 69 - He has quickness of apprehension, strong powers of combination and calculation, a sound judgment, a singularly tenacious memory, and what is more rare in a slave, the faculty of forethought. He possesses great veracity and honesty. He is a strict Mahometan ; abstains from spirituous liquors, and keeps the various fasts, particularly that of the Rhamadan.
Page 21 - D'Avezac, of Paris, a manuscript volume of travels among the Tuarycks, by an educated Taleb of Ghadamis, a bilingual Arabo-Berber town, within the dominion of Tripoli. This manuscript was composed for me, during my late residence at Tunis, as United States Consul, near that Regency. It contains a most detailed account of these nomades of the Sahara, their manners, customs, civil institutions and social economy, together with an Arabo-Tuaryck vocabulary. When this shall be published by Mr. D'Avezac,...
Page 50 - D'Avezac and Hodgson, Vater, Adelung, and most other inquirers. " In the midst of the Negro races," observes M. D'Avezac, "there stands out a metive population, of tawny or copper colour, prominent nose, small mouth, and oval face, which ranks itself among the white races, and asserts itself to be descended from Arab fathers and Taurodo mothers. Their crisped hair...

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