Excavations at Kasteelberg and the Origins of the Khoekhoen in the Western Cape, South Africa

Archaeopress, 2006 - 101 pages
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The research design underlying this work is based on attempts to try to find the archaeology of the aboriginal herding people of the Cape: Khoekhoen (Khoikhoi, Quena = aeHottentotsAe). With the dating of sheep bones pushing back the age of domestic animals in the Cape to almost 2000 years ago it became evident that the history of pastoralism at the Cape not only was probably of far greater antiquity than had hitherto been realised, but may well have changed significantly over this long period of time. Table of contents: Preface; Chapter 1: Herders at the Cape: Some Theoretical Underpinnings; Chapter 2: The aeInvisibleAe Hottentot; Chapter 3: Articulating a Research Design; Chapter 4: Excavations at Kasteelberg; Chapter 5: Other Sites on the Vredenburg and Churchaven Peninsulas; Chapter 6: Kasteelberg within the Vredenburg Peninsula of the past 2000 years; Chapter 7: Debate on the Origins of Herding Societies in South Africa; Appendix A: The seals of Kasteelberg: seasonal indicators for pastoral occupation (by Stephan Woodborne); Appendix B: Availability and storage of marine mammal meat on the Vredenburg Peninsula (by Andrew B. Smith & Stephan Woodborne); Appendix C: Domestic space on Kasteelberg herder sites (by Belinda Mti); References.

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Rainfall Southwestern Cape
Vredenburg Peninsula and location of sites reported here
Spouted and lugged wares from the Vredenburg Peninsula
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