Biological effects of power frequency electric and magnetic fields

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Page 3 - ... positive" studies have now clearly demonstrated that under specific circumstances even weak low-frequency electromagnetic fields can produce substantial changes at the cellular level, and, in a few experimental settings, effects have been demonstrated at the level of the whole animal. Epidemiological evidence, while controversial- and subject to a variety of criticisms, is beginning to provide a basis for concern about risks from chronic exposure. In light of the clear evidence for effects at...
Page 3 - In our view, the emerging evidence no longer allows one to categorically assert that there are no risks. But it does not provide a basis for asserting that there is a significant risk.
Page i - The opinions, findings and conclusions expressed in this report are those of the authors and not necessarily those of the Mississippi State Highway Department or the Federal Highway Administration. This report does not constitute a standard, specification or regulation. References : Cordon, WA (1967). "Freezing of Concrete-Mechanisms and Control.
Page 86 - Determination of power absorption in man exposed to high frequency electromagnetic fields by thermographic measurements on scale models, IEEE Trans Biomed Eng, Vol.
Page 2 - ... the body, studies over the last fifteen years have demonstrated unequivocally that under certain circumstances the membranes of cells can be sensitive to even fairly weak externally imposed low frequency electromagnetic fields. Extremely small signal changes can trigger major biochemical responses critical to cell function.
Page 3 - ... However, the emerging evidence no longer allows one to categorically assert that there are no risks. If fields do turn out to be a health risk, it is unlikely that high-voltage transmission lines are the only sources of concern. Power frequency fields are also produced by distribution lines, household wiring, appliances, and lighting fixtures. These non-transmission sources are much more common than transmission lines and could play a far greater role in any public health problem. There is, of...
Page 93 - Olin R. Incidence of cancer in the electronics industry: using the new Swedish Cancer Environment Registry as a screening instrument.
Page 93 - Adult Cancer Related to Electrical Wires near the Home," International Journal of Epidemiology 11 (1982): 345-55.
Page 59 - A number of patient-based studies have used a database established from the linkage of information available in the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) program with information available in the Medicare administrative data system.
Page 83 - Effects of ELF fields on calcium-ion efflux from brain tissue in vitro. Radiât. Res. 92:510-520. ELF (1-120 Hz) and modulated (50 Hz) RF fields on the efflux of calcium ions from brain tissue in vitro.

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